Welcome to Sarah's PlaceWelcome to Sarah’s Place!

At Sarah’s Place we are committed to keeping individuals healthy, active and in the community. Located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, we believe our program has a place for everyone: the participant, the caregiver and the professional.

Sarah’s Place is Their Place…

For the daughter who lives 75 miles away from her 82-year-old mother, Sarah’s Place means she can continue to work and be assured that her mother is safe. She knows that the nurse checks up on her, that she’s eating hot meals and that she’s active every day.

For the husband caring for a wife who has had a stroke, Sarah’s Place provides respite and comfort. It also helps his wife remain active and social, receive assistance with daily tasks and improve her outlook.

For the 63-year-old gentleman who lost his wife, Sarah’s Place provides a social outlet. He can talk about his grief to people who will listen. He can play cards, listen to music and join the company of good friends.

For the participant: Opportunity to socialize. Be a part of an active community. Have fun!
For the caregiver: Respite. Peace of mind. Education and support.
For the professional: Continuity of care. Medical monitoring and feedback. Follow-up your concerns.